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(Creel MX)The Tarahumara natives are cave dwellers that live in and around Copper Canyon. Some still prefer living in caves; but, most have simple homes on a reservation outside of Creel. Tarahumara Statue They call themselves Rarámuri, and are known for long distance running in the mountains, their crafts, colorful clothing, and ranching. They also […]

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Sea of Cortez

(Topolobampo MX)This seaside village is located on a bay off the Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California. The sea is an inlet from the Pacific Ocean that separates the mainland from the peninsula of Baja California; and Topolobampo is near to where the ocean and inlet meet. Sea of Cortez – […]

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Río Fuerte Raft

(El Fuerte MX)On one day, we floated down the Río Fuerte in a large rubber raft that held about ten people. Thick vegetation lined the shores and we saw many different water birds along the river. Río Fuerte Raft – Water Birds At one point, they beached the raft and we hiked inland for a […]

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