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Camera Kit For Sale $100
My Lumix camera is rarely used anymore. Instead, it’s easier for me to just pull out my iPhone 11 Pro. The 12MP with wide angle, ultra wide angle and telephoto options seem to be enough for my current needs. The camera still works fine, and everything in this list is included. Price includes Shipping anywhere in the continental USA. If you are interested, send me a message using the Contact link above.

Photography for painting is intended to assist the creative process by capturing detail and transient lighting conditions. Such images are useful to the artist; but, will hold little meaning for viewers.

Like the painting gear, it needs to be light and portable while taking good quality shots under various lighting conditions and at distances from close-up to on the horizon. Accurate color rendering and clarity are also important. Since my focus is landscapes, low light ability is not critical. And, I want easy to use and computer compatibility.

Camera bag with camera and items

Lumix FZ-35 Camera Kit

The following items are carried in a small SLR camera bag by Case Logic. It has a shoulder strap and a belt loop which provides hands-free carrying options.


  • Camera is Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35, 12MP digital point-n-shoot
  • Lens is Leica 27-486mm wide angle to telephoto 18x optical zoom
  • Aperture Settings 2.8-4.4 wideangle, 4.4-8.0 telephoto
  • ISO of 80/100/200/400/800/1600/auto
  • Shutter Speeds 60 seconds to 1/2000 second
  • Focusing with assist lamp by center/area/11 spot select/face recognition/AF/Quick AF/Macro AF/Tracking AF
  • Metering by multiple/center weighted/spot/HDR
  • Image Quality of JPEG fine/JPEG standard/Raw/Raw plus JPEG
  • Record Modes of iAuto/Program/Aperture/Manual/Movie/Custom/Art/Scenes/Burst
  • Optical Image Stabilization for stills and movies
  • Aspect Ratios of 3:2 (35mm)/4:3 (monitor)/16.9 (HD TV)
  • Self Timer with 2 sec/10 sec/3 shots at 10 sec
  • Flash built-in pop-up with adjustable strength
  • Battery is Panasonic lithium-ion rechargeable
  • Charger for 120V wall socket


  • Storage Media used 4GB and 8GB SDHC by Transcend
  • Filters 46mm Tiffen nuetral density
  • Tiffen circular polarizer
  • Hoya UV
  • Lens cap, lens hood, lens cleaner & paper, lens brush-blower
  • AV and USB cables
  • Case Logic carry case with handle, belt loop and shoulder strap

This camera is considered a bridge between point-n-shoot fixed lens type and a DSLR. Its numerous features match capabilities that a SLR photo enthusiast would want. I use it for on site shots, documenting my artwork, and for personal photo albums. For me, it is a very good all-around camera for painting and traveling.

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