Spring 2017

More exploring in the Southwest
There were still many places in the great Southwest that I hadn’t yet seen. The Springtime promised milder weather and was a good opportunity to go exploring; so, I headed on down the road.

Map 2017.2.1

Spring 2017 / April

New Mexico
A couple things in the eastern part of the state were calling. It had been a while since camping in the Organ Mountains, a stop to see the Toy Train Depot and the Mexican Canyon Trestle. Finally got to see Sitting Bull Falls, the Pecos River Flume, and discovered a couple of new boondock camps. Then a stop to learn about Smokey Bear, and the ancient ones at Blackwater Draw. Discovered a wetlands area at Storrie Lake SP with an RV friend, and got reacquainted with the Pecos River, and snow.

Map 2017.2.2

Spring 2017 / May

I finally got around to checking out the sights in the northwestern part of the state. Found some new camps, and saw new places. Highlights were the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, Bisti Wilderness, and Angel Peak. The other stops were pretty interesting too.

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