Spring 2017

More exploring in the Southwest
There were still many places in the great Southwest that I hadn’t yet seen. The Springtime promised milder weather and was a good opportunity to go exploring; so, I headed on down the road.

Map 2017.2.1

Spring 2017 / April

New Mexico
A couple things in the eastern part of the state were calling. It had been a while since camping in the Organ Mountains, a stop to see the Toy Train Depot and the Mexican Canyon Trestle. Finally got to see Sitting Bull Falls, the Pecos River Flume, and discovered a couple of new boondock camps. Then a stop to learn about Smokey Bear, and the ancient ones at Blackwater Draw. Discovered a wetlands area at Storrie Lake SP with an RV friend, and got reacquainted with the Pecos River, and snow.

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