Spring 2018

Wandering Around
This Spring I wandered around New Mexico. Staying at low elevations when it was cold, and high in the mountains when it got too warm. Along the way, I camped at familiar and new spots, and tried to see some new things.

Maps 2018.02.01

Spring 2018 / April

New Mexico
Drove up over Emory Pass at 8,228ft, and stayed at a free campground. Went through the amazing Lower Gallinas Canyon, and visited Fort Bayard. Boondocked off of Bursum Rd near Mogollón ghosttown, then hiked the Mineral Creek trail. Stopped in Pie Town to camp and eat some delicious pie, camped in Water Canyon, then returned to my camps at Caballo Lake and Elephant Butte Lake State Parks.

Maps 2018.02.02

Spring 2018 / May

In May, it began heating up; so, I headed northward and to higher elevations. Went to familiar camps, and found a few new ones. Saw the pueblo ruins at the Dittert Site, the cliffs along The Narrows, and some pillars near El Malpaís National Conservation Area.

Maps 2018.02.03

Spring 2018 / May

My trip between Bluewater Lake and Heron Lake State Parks took me past a few interesting sights. All but one were skipped for various reasons. The ruins at P’oshu’owingeh contained only a few rocks strewn around with a vague pattern to imagine the pueblo. At least the camps were higher and cooler.

Maps 2018.02.04

Spring 2018 / June

In June, I rotated between the state parks near Chama and some boondock spots in the Carson NF. Got to see a waterfall, some cliffs, and some cowboys while staying cool.

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