Winter 2017

Roaming around the Southwest
I decided to head out to a some places I hadn’t seen, and meet-up with a few people. So, I went further west shortly after the new year began.

Maps 2017.01.01

Winter 2017 / January

New Mexico
I said goodbye to an RV friend at Caballo Lake, stopped for resupply in Las Cruces, and arrived at Pancho Villa State Park to find another RV friend there. After a few days near the Mexican border, I rolled again.

Maps 2017.01.02

Winter 2017 / January

Spent a free overnight in Tucson at Casino del Sol, and then continued westward. Decided to drive I-10 through Phoenix Metro this time (ugh!), and stopped in Buckeye for groceries, gas, and lunch. Ended up in Quarrtzsite in order to camp with some Lazy Daze RV owners, and to attend the BloggerFest.

Maps 2017.01.03

Winter 2017 / February

Decided to go visit a few places not yet seen. Checked out the native earth drawings at Blythe Intaglios site, stopped at the General Patton Museum, and then explored Joshua Tree National Park. Drove around the Salton Sea and over to see the sculptures in the desert outside of Borrego Springs. Passed through the Imperial Sand Dunes on the way to a boondock camp on Ogilby Road next to the Cargo Muchacho Mountains.

Map 2017.01.04

Winter 2017 / February

Made a quick return across The Grand Canyon State, with a stop in Yuma to resupply, and a free overnight stay at Casino del Sol in Tucson.

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