(Albuquerque NM) It’s been six months since the oil was changed on my rig Tardis. So, it was time to get it done. This is something I could do myself. However, I wanted some other things checked. So, I found a place that does work on RVs and has a good reputation. Tardis got new […]

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Elephant Butte

Andy and I arrived in Truth-or-Consequences, and stopped at the Wal-mart to resupply. It took me way longer because the store was laid out differently than I am accustomed. Afterward, I continued to follow him to the campground. (Elephant Butte NM) Elephant Butte Lake State Park has a campground just a couple of miles from […]

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Priming Panels

For the small artwork I create, painting panels are ideal. They are light, sturdy and rigid, can be prepared with multiple surfaces, and are easy to frame. The boards can be gessoed, or have primed cotton or linen canvas adhered. These can be purchased, ready-to-use; or can be custom made by the artist. I like […]

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