(Deming NM) Nestled against the Florida Mountains, in southern New México, is the popular Rockhound State Park. I can see why; as the setting is fantastic. sites are well spaced with all having good views. Mountains to the south and east, and desert to the west. It certainly is well named. There are plenty of […]

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No Car

One of the choices to be made, when deciding to full-time in the RV, was whether or not to tow a car. The Laze Daze motorhome has the weight capacity and hitch to bring along just about any vehicle I chose. There are good reasons for having one. Like running to the store, or sightseeing, […]

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Desert Plants

(Deming NM) I’ve done some hiking while traveling through the Chihuahuan Desert of the southwest. Among my favorite sights are the rocks and mountains. However, along the trails are many interesting plants. I’ve been taking photos, and then trying to identify them. Most of the parks I’ve camped at have paths with some of the […]

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