Jungle Camp

(Ormond Beach FL) When I left work for the last time, I headed straight for a state park about an hour and a half away. I was worried about getting a site when arriving so late in the day. But, there was no problem as it was past tourist season. Backing Tardis into this jungle […]

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The Last Week

(Jacksonville FL) My last week in Jacksonville was an eventful one. The car was sold just three days before my retirement date allowing me to continue using it for commuting to work. One of the final links to break from the work-a-day life. My Lazy Daze motorhome went to the mechanic for a thorough check-up […]

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Day Camps

(Jacksonville FL) Sometimes it’s not necessary to stay in a regular campground. Finding a place to settle for a short time is all that is needed. When I first became interested in full-time RVing, I learned about Day Camping from Tioga George. These are places where you can hang out during daylight hours. They can […]

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