Almost There

(Jacksonville FL) Another milestone is reached toward retirement and RVing full-time. New carpet was installed yesterday, which completes all the major items. There are just a couple of minor things to do on the house yet. I still want to make the outside entry area look more appealing. Perhaps install some pavers, plant some flowers […]

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Progress Report

(Jacksonville FL) There’s not a lot to report, as life goes on as usual; working a full-time job, and trying to get the house ready to sell. Here is a brief update on the progress. I’ve completed painting the kitchen cabinets and installing new hardware. They came out looking pretty nice. I’m currently painting the […]

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Spring RV Campout

(Jacksonville FL) This week I attended a camp out with the South East Lazy Daze club. It’s my third time meeting with them. This is an owner’s group for the brand of motorhome I plan to buy. The below picture is of the model I hope to find later this year. One night there was […]

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