Leak Prevention

(Jacksonville FL) One of the most important maintenance items to do is prevent leaks in an RV. I knew when I purchased Tardis that it was due for the roof to be resealed. I tackled that chore this past weekend. There are two options for this task. One is to strip the old sealant and […]

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Weekend Escape

(Keystone Heights FL) After a week back at my job, I decided it was time to go camping again. So, Friday evening I headed down to St. Augustine to attempt an impromptu stay at either Anastasia State Park on the Atlantic Ocean or Faver-Dykes State Park further inland on Pellicer Creek. Both were booked solid […]

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Shakedown Review

(Tucson AZ to Jacksonville FL) Time for a look at the completed First Road Trip with the new-to-me Lazy Daze Twin-King motorhome. While the 2,020 mile trip was quick, it included several very different camps, getting to know the rig, and lessons learned.   At first it would seem a waste to cover so much […]

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