Home For Sale

(Jacksonville FL) Today was the big day for putting up the for sale sign in the front yard. After a year of work getting the house ready for market, the time has come to see if anyone wants it. The agent says the house has good curb appeal and looks really nice. And says this […]

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Almost There

(Jacksonville FL) Another milestone is reached toward retirement and RVing full-time. New carpet was installed yesterday, which completes all the major items. There are just a couple of minor things to do on the house yet. I still want to make the outside entry area look more appealing. Perhaps install some pavers, plant some flowers […]

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Progress Report

(Jacksonville FL) There’s not a lot to report, as life goes on as usual; working a full-time job, and trying to get the house ready to sell. Here is a brief update on the progress. I’ve completed painting the kitchen cabinets and installing new hardware. They came out looking pretty nice. I’m currently painting the […]

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