Ben Lilly Memorial

(nr Piños Altos NM) The Ben Lilly Memorial plaque can be found on an impressive rock pile a few miles north of town; placed there by friends and admirers. Famous as the last mountain man, he was a prolific hunter of mountain lions, grizzly and black bears. It’s estimated he killed up to 1,000 cougars. […]

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Clouds of Saint Augustin

(nr Datil NM) As I was driving across the Plains of St.Augustin, I noticed an amazing cloud formation. So, I stopped to get a photo. Looking around, there was another one, and then another. In fact, they were surrounding the plains on all sides. There were marvelous cloud formations in every direction. The plains were […]

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Extremely Fat Tree

(nr Pie Town NM) A short walk from my camp, was discovered this extremely fat tree. I had never seen anything quite like it before. The bark was deeply grooved scales; sometimes called checkerbark. Research showed it is called an Alligator Juniper. It grows only in northern Mexico, western Texas, southeast Arizona, and southern New […]

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