(Los Ojos NM) This summer, in northern New Mexico, I seem to be seeing more horses than in previous years. They are seen grazing in the fields and hills of ranches I pass. Beautiful, noble creatures with a bit of wild about them despite their domestication. I have thought of paying a guide to take […]

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Placer Creek Falls

(nr Hopewell Lake NM) Along my route north was said to be Placer Creek Falls, a pretty double-drop waterfall. It was near Hopewell Lake, and a short way off the highway down a gravel road; which was gated and closed for elk calving season. Fortunately, hiking in was still allowed. Since the creek was only […]

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Jawbone Mountain

(nr Hopewell Lake NM) Going over the pass on US-64, through the Carson National Forest, there were three rest areas with views. One of them provided a good look at, what I believe, was Jawbone Mountain standing 10,601ft high. Some have said they are the Brazos Cliffs. But, those are clearly visible at one of […]

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