Rancho de los Pilares

(nr Grants NM) Driving along NM-117, there was an area next to the Rancho de los Pilares with several large rock pillars. They were within the Ácoma Indian Reservation and adjacent to the El Malpaís National Conservation Area. The large sandstone formations were worth the stop to photograph. I don’t know anything about them; except […]

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The Narrows of Malpaís

(nr Grants NM) The Narrows of Malpaís refers to the three mile long flow of lava at the base of some magnificent sandstone cliffs. The eruption occurred only 1,500 years ago, and is considered the youngest lava beds in the area. The lava flow was on one side of the highway, with the cliffs on […]

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Dittert Site Ruins

(nr Grants NM) My route took me within about five miles of the Dittert Site Ruins. It was found south of the El Malpaís National Conservation Area, and just inside of the Cebolla Wilderness. A trailhead was found 1 1/2 miles on a dirt 2-track. From the parking spot, it was a hike of about […]

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