Projects Underway

(Jacksonville FL) There are a few small projects that need to be done. Attention to the kitchen, bathrooms, and family room are needed. Minor repairs, painting, patching, nailing and generally fixing up is the order of the day. I actually enjoy doing these kinds of jobs. I’m currently repainting the kitchen cabinets, and changing the […]

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On the Home Stretch

(Jacksonville FL) I’ve done the research, and know what is needed to make the Plein Air Journey. The time has come for getting down to the nitty-gritty of executing the plan. This coming year will be spent preparing the house to sell and maximizing my savings. A few repairs to be made on the house, […]

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Heating and Cooling the RV

(Jacksonville FL) Controlling the comfort level in an RV can be a challenging task. The preferred method is to move the RV to a better climate. But, sometimes my situation may not allow for an immediate change in location. Many RVs do not have enough insulation. Lucky for me the Lazy Daze motorhome I plan […]

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