Choosing an RV Rig

(Jacksonville FL) I’ve checked out a lot of motorhomes looking for a rig that will meet my needs for the plein air journey. Small enough so I don’t need to tow a car, and so I can get into those out of the way places. It has to have a generator, and sufficient holding tanks for […]

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Lifestyle Adjustments

(Jacksonville FL) Moving from a bricks-n-sticks to a fairly small motorhome will require some lifestyle adjustments. Smaller space means of course fewer belongings. To this end, I’m gradually getting rid of all unnecessary stuff and learning to live with less. Changes in water, electric and waste management must also be considered. So, I’m reducing my use […]

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What is Plein Air Painting

(Jacksonville FL) An authentic plein air painting is done on location in front of the subject. It is begun on site and substantially completed while experiencing the landscape firsthand. More than one session may be required to complete it, and each of these should also be on location. Some minor adjustments can be done back […]

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