Nellie Creek Cascades

Nellie Creek Falls

(nr Lake City CO) Nearby my camp was a side road that led up to Nellie Creek Falls. The road was narrow, very rocky, and steep; so, I shouldn’t have tried to ride my bike up there. As it turned out, I walked the bike about half of the time for the one mile distance […]

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Pike Snowden Cabin

Engineer Pass Road

(nr Lake City CO) From my camp on Henson Creek, I walked and biked up and down Engineer Pass Rd, and took photos as I was exploring. The scenes were varied and mostly beautiful. These are some of the things I saw. Across the road, a short way into the forest and up a steep […]

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Engineer Pass Rd, Henson Creek

Henson Creek

(nr Lake City CO) Drove up the Engineer Pass Rd along Henson Creek in order to find a camp. With the cliffs in the canyon, and the roaring creek, the scenery was marvelous. Stopped several times to take photos. There was an old mine that gave tours into the mineshaft; not for me. A few […]

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