Brazos Cliffs

(Los Brazos NM) From many miles away, the Brazos Cliffs can be seen rising up majestically above the surrounding landscape. However, getting to them is difficult or impossible. A paved highway goes up to the canyon, where many private cabins are built. A lodge owns the land going into the canyon. To actually hike into […]

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Forest Walks

(Various Places) Once settled into a camp, I like to take a walk around the area. It often means meandering through the forest and meadows to see what I can discover. Usually, not more than a mile from camp, I come across some interesting feature. Mostly, nature provides peaceful scenes of aspen groves, tall pines, […]

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(Los Ojos NM) This summer, in northern New Mexico, I seem to be seeing more horses than in previous years. They are seen grazing in the fields and hills of ranches I pass. Beautiful, noble creatures with a bit of wild about them despite their domestication. I have thought of paying a guide to take […]

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