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Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

(Candy Kitchen NM) A place I had wanted to visit for some time was Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. The critters there were mostly rescued from folks that thought they wanted a wild beast for a pet; then discovered otherwise. Wild spirits cannot be truly domesticated. Many were actually wolf-dog cross bred, some were wild dogs, […]

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Blackwater Draw Dig

Blackwater Draw Site

(Portales NM) The Blackwater Draw Archeological Site revealed bones and artifacts dating to as far back as 13,500 years ago. It contained evidence of the oldest defined cultural group in North America; the Clovis people. The small Visitor Center included information, photographs, spear points and knife blades, and bone samples excavated from the area. Helpful […]

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Smokey Bear Museum

Smokey Bear Park

(Capitan NM) In 1944, the National Forest Service began an advertising campaign to reduce the number of man-caused forest fires. A character of a bear was used in posters and ads to get the message out to the public. They named it Smokey Bear. Fast forward to 1950, when a disastrous fire erupted near town, […]

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