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Angel Peak

Angel Peak

(nr Bloomfield NM) The Angel Peak Scenic Area is another section of the badlands that includes Angel Peak which rises out of the desert, and can be seen from miles away. It turned out to be much more interesting than I had thought. Several overlooks provided views into the canyon below, and to the horizon. […]

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Cimarron Canyon

Cimarron Canyon

(Cimarron NM) Where the Mountain branch of the Santa Fe Trail turned southward toward Fort Union laid the town of Cimarron. The ‘Old Town’ portion remains featuring the St.James Hotel, Aztec Mill, Immaculate Conception Chapel, a saloon, a plaza, some homes, and a few businesses. The hotel was built during pioneer days, and still operates. […]

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Sugarite Canyon SP

Sugarite Canyon

(Raton NM) I camped for a couple of days at Sugarite Canyon, and did some hiking. There once was a coal mine and ‘company town’ that thrived for awhile. Now, it’s a state park with two small lakes, two campgrounds, and trails. It’s at high elevation and a pretty spot that’s popular in the summer. […]

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