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Temple Mountain

Temple Mountain

(nr Hanksville UT) Temple Mountain was important for mining high grade uranium and vanadium, and was active from 1898 to the late 1970s. During its most productive period the mines extracted ore amounting to 1,287,000 pounds of uranium oxide and 3,799,000 pounds of vanadium oxide. The area is now closed to mining, and is protected […]

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Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak

(Cascade CO) My route took me around Pikes Peak, allowing me to see it from the west, north, and east. All viewpoints were at a distance, so it didn’t seem much different than the other mountains near it. Considered taking the cog rail train to the top; but, it was booked solid for weeks. Driving […]

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Rocky Mountain NP-W, Adams Falls

Rocky Mountain – Adams Falls

(Grand Lake CO) The last hike on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park was to Adams Falls. Described as a “small, pleasant waterfall” it was that and more. With jagged rock walls on either side, and several tumbling cascades, it was delightful. A rock overlook provided easy viewing up and downstream, as did […]

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