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Ravines Hotel

(Divisadero MX) We stayed at the Hotel Divisadero Barrancas on the rim of Copper Canyon. Originally, it was a private home; that now has been enlarged to entertain and house guests. It was much like a lodge with rooms, restaurant, bar, and lounging areas. Ravines Hotel on Edge of Cliff They had lots of native […]

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Ravines of Copper

(Divisadero MX)Copper Canyon is locally called Barrancas del Cobre, meaning Ravines of the Copper. The mention of copper refers to the color of the cliffs, not mining operations. The deep and rugged canyons were impressive as they stretched along the Río Urique below. Ravines of Copper – View into Canyons A point of interest were […]

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Mennonite Museum

(Ciudad Cuauhtémoc MX)We stopped to see the Mennonite Museum which was built like their typical barn and home combo. Storage, workshops, equipment, animal shelter and living space all-in-one construction. Mennonite Museum – Tractor A guide took us through the different sections, and explained how each area was used. Their ways and customs were described with […]

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