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(Steins NM) My planned camp did not workout due to a recent flood in the canyon where I had hoped to stay. Too bad, because it was a gorgeous location. So, it was down the road toward my next adventure. Along the way, on the far western edge of New Mexico, was another ghost town. […]

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(New Mexico) From time to time, I’ve tried to photograph sunsets. It’s difficult to do and avoid glare or gaudy colors. Getting the timing just right, in order to show the light and the landscape features to their best, is tricky. Color is not the only attraction for me. Trying to get interesting shapes and […]

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Balancing Rocks

(Faywood NM) During a recent stay at City of Rocks State Park I hiked numerous times through the rock formations. It really was a fascinating place, with different views each time I ventured out. It struck me that there were lots of balancing rocks along the paths. I wondered if they were monitored for safety. […]

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