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Whitmore Falls

Whitmore Falls

(nr Lake City CO) I rode my bike about two miles further past the ghosttown of Capitol City to see Whitmore Falls. While not as well known, it was worth the short hike off the road. A path lead down a slope with some steps, then out onto a ledge and an observation deck. Henson […]

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Nellie Creek Cascades

Nellie Creek Falls

(nr Lake City CO) Nearby my camp was a side road that led up to Nellie Creek Falls. The road was narrow, very rocky, and steep; so, I shouldn’t have tried to ride my bike up there. As it turned out, I walked the bike about half of the time for the one mile distance […]

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Sitting Bull Falls, Lincoln NF NM

Sitting Bull Falls

(nr Queen NM) Been wanting to see Sitting Bull Falls for a good while. Since it was in the desert, I figured the springtime was best to find the water flowing. It was the first week in April, and the volunteer there said it was a good time. Still, it was not a large flow; […]

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