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Priming Panels

For the small artwork I create, painting panels are ideal. They are light, sturdy and rigid, can be prepared with multiple surfaces, and are easy to frame. The boards can be gessoed, or have primed cotton or linen canvas adhered. These can be purchased, ready-to-use; or can be custom made by the artist. I like […]

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Traveling Art Gear

(Jacksonville FL) People often ask about what I use when creating plein air paintings. Working on site requires essential art materials that are light and portable yet able to accomplish the task. I use three kits carried in a good quality backpack for hiking to the spot. The Painting Kit, for creating plein air paintings, includes […]

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New Pochade Painting Box

(Jacksonville FL) For years I have been using a half-box French easel, along with a separate portable palette box, drying-box, and gym bag to carry extra materials. All of these were secured to a luggage cart for transporting to the painting site. It was pretty convenient to bring everything along, but also cumbersome and heavy. […]

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