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Fort Bayard

(Santa Clara NM) Fort Bayard was begun in 1866 to protect miners, traders, travelers, and settlers from the Apache natives who didn’t appreciate them taking over their traditional lands. Buffalo Soldiers assigned there played an important role in the Indian Wars. General Crook, Lieutenant Pershing, and Medal of Honor recipient Corporal Greaves served there, as […]

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Lower Gallinas Canyon

(nr Emory Pass NM) Entering Lower Gallinas Canyon there was a dramatic shift to rugged cliffs and massive rock formations. They came right to the edge of the road, so there was nowhere to stop until getting through the best. Coming out of an ‘S’ turn was a pull-out just big enough for Tardis. I […]

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Geronimo Wood Carvers

(Truth or Consequences NM) Geronimo Springs Wood Carvers show featured works by the local carvers. There were a great variety of pieces on display. Each crafter sat by their creations, and were eager to explain how they made them. Items from fairly large to very small, and even tiny were interesting. Some came in sets […]

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