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Pipe Springs

(Kaibab AZ) Fourteen miles West of Fredonia is Pipe Springs National Monument; a joint project between the Paiute-Kaibab Band and the National Park Service. This was a well known natural spring used by travelers through the area. A tithing ranch was established there, and a stone fort was built over the spring by the Mormon […]

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Vermilion Cliffs

(nr Marble Canyon AZ) After Marble Canyon, I continued along US-89A, which follows the Vermilion Cliffs until House Rock, where it climbs up to the Kaibab Plateau. On the way, I stopped at pull-outs to take photos of the cliffs. It was late evening, so the light should have been good. But, because of the […]

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(Marble Canyon AZ) On the way to my next stop, going through Cameron, I passed a roadside mobile kitchen which was obviously a native enterprise. A few miles down the road, I turned around and went back, as it was already lunch time. It was a very clean operation run by Navajos. They had traditional […]

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