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West Wetlands

(Yuma AZ) A nice side trip in Yuma was to West Wetlands Park; a large and well maintained city park with lots of variety. If you have a little extra time, it would be worth a visit. The pond had pavilions and a sidewalk all around with benches to rest. There were fishermen trying their […]

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(Tumco CA) Previously named Hedges, Tumco Historic Townsite (an acronym of The United Mines Company), was a gold mining operation in the desert. It was located on Ogilby Rd, just a few miles north of the popular boondocking BLM area near American Girl Mine Rd. There’s not much left of the ghost town; a well […]

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Mittry Lake

(nr Yuma AZ) Mitty Lake Wildlife Area, north of Yuma along the Colorado River, is jointly managed by the BLM and Arizona Game and Fish. It is a wetlands region with a boat ramp, vault toilet, dumpsters, and a few jetties for fishing. Tall bulrushes lined the gravel road that wound along the marsh with […]

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