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Bluff Fort

(Bluff UT) Stopped to see the Bluff Fort historic settlement. Some of it was original, and some recreated. Still, it was interesting to learn how they came and endured. I enjoyed seeing the film and the exhibits at the fort explaining the history. BTW, it was not a fort, as in military; rather, the town […]

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Mule Canyon

(nr Blanding UT) Continued on UT-95 toward Blanding, and stopped to hike Mule Canyon. It was a pretty trail with rock formations, cottonwood and juniper trees, and a wash with an occasional pool of water. This time I went well prepared, with water, a snack, compass, and my iPad mini with GPS. Most were not […]

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Natural Bridges

(nr Blanding UT) On the way across UT-95, I stopped to see Natural Bridges National Monument. The park featured three natural rock bridge formations, and a native cliff dwelling ruin. It had a scenic drive with viewpoints for each feature, and also hiking trails to them. I chose to drive the byway, and only hiked […]

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