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Mesa Verde

(nr Cortez CO) A major site of well preserved cliff dwellings and native ruins is Mesa Verde National Park in southwest Colorado. It does a good job of explaining the Anasazi or Ancestral Puebloan culture. Most of my time was spent exploring the Chapin Mesa. First, I visited the museum and saw a film about […]

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(nr Montezuma Creek UT) Hovenweep National Monument was way out into the desert and featured preserved native pueblo ruins atop Cajón Mesa. Most structures were built along the rim of the canyon, and a few in the gorge. I hiked the rim trail that goes around the gorge passing several stone structures. Most were in […]

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Bluff Fort

(Bluff UT) Stopped to see the Bluff Fort historic settlement. Some of it was original, and some recreated. Still, it was interesting to learn how they came and endured. I enjoyed seeing the film and the exhibits at the fort explaining the history. BTW, it was not a fort, as in military; rather, the town […]

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