Portable Computing

(Jacksonville FL) Another step has been taken toward creating my ideal mobile office. I replaced my old desktop with a new laptop. The 15″ screen is a nice compromise between usefulness and portability. It will be ideal for RV living, and can be used in different situations like outside on a picnic table or going […]

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Bumps in the Road

(Jacksonville FL)Well any quest for one’s dreams involves challenges, and I’ve seen mine in the past couple of weeks. From dental pain, to delays in preparing the house to sell, to a major computer crash, I’ve seen my share. On a recent Friday evening my face began to swell and produce considerable pain. These things […]

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Creative RVing

(Jacksonville FL) I recently had the opportunity to visit with fellow creative solo RVer Glenn. He’s a musician and composer that chooses to live in a small motorhome and create as he travels around the country. We share many things in common such as living frugally and with fewer things, traveling in a small RV […]

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