Plans for the Journey

( Jacksonville FL) Conventional wisdom in the RV community is to follow the good weather, that is go north in the summer and south in the winter. I will mostly follow this pattern. I expect to be starting out from Florida so what direction I go first will depend when I’m able to hit the road. […]

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Traveling Art Gear

(Jacksonville FL) People often ask about what I use when creating plein air paintings. Working on site requires essential art materials that are light and portable yet able to accomplish the task. I use three kits carried in a good quality backpack for hiking to the spot. The Painting Kit, for creating plein air paintings, includes […]

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Eating Healthier

(Jacksonville FL) For quite awhile now I have been reading about nutrition and healthy eating. I don’t follow any particular popular diet. Instead, I try to find a balance that seems to work for me. These are a few guidelines I’ve adopted to make better choices. Minimize sugar and salt – It’s amazing how many […]

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