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Encampment Rendezvous

Mountain Man Rendezvous

(Encampment WY) A mountain man rendezvous, by the Sierra Madre Muzzleloaders, fulfilled something I had long hoped to see. During the early 1800s, trappers and natives would gather together to sell their bounty, and trade for supplies they needed. This small gathering, near where an actual one would have occurred, was recommended by an RVing […]

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Scotts Bluff NM

Scotts Bluff

(Gering NE) Scotts Bluff National Monument lies along the North Platte River, and rises 500ft above the surrounding landscape. It was an important waypoint for natives, trappers, supply wagons, the Pony Express, and emigrants moving west. The bluff could be seen across the prairie for days before reaching it. Emigrants using the Oregon, California, and […]

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Fort Robinson

Fort Robinson

(Crawford NE) Fort Robinson was probably best known for the place where Crazy Horse, the great Oglala Sioux war-chief, chose to surrender himself and his 900 warriors. Unfortunately, it was also where he was killed during a scuffle when he was being jailed months later. During 74 years, it served as a frontier fort, a […]

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