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Three Handy Mods

(St. Petersburg FL) While visiting my cousins, they allowed me to use their tools to make some mods to Tardis. This made the work much easier to do and it went quicker too. The results were just what I had imagined. A pantry was added between the galley and the door to the head. It […]

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Bug Out

(Jacksonville FL) Keeping the bugs out of the RV is a never ending task. However, a few mods help to prevent  them from entering the rig in critical places. Prevention is half the battle. The furnace exhaust is a favorite of wasps and mud daubers to build a nest. In fact, they will use the […]

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Leak Prevention

(Jacksonville FL) One of the most important maintenance items to do is prevent leaks in an RV. I knew when I purchased Tardis that it was due for the roof to be resealed. I tackled that chore this past weekend. There are two options for this task. One is to strip the old sealant and […]

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