Painting the landscape is both a challenge and a joy. A never ending variety of texture, color and light is inspiring. Wild and remote scenes attract me the most; so, you will often find me painting off the beaten path. Being out in nature, I feel a special connection to the land.

Painting of pyramid shaped mountain

Colorado Pyramid

Creating on location provides a total experience for the artist. The season and time of day, weather conditions, sounds and smells, and the character of the scenery, all contribute to a sense of place. Being immersed in the landscape connects me to what I am painting in a very personal way.

Please browse the painting galleries; I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork. If you have any questions or comments about them, feel free to Contact me. I like hearing from art lovers. Talking about art is a real pleasure for me, so I’m happy to share.

In this Art section you will find:

  • Portfolio where my paintings are displayed with info.
  • Purchase tells how to buy a painting, payment options, shipping, and my guarantee.

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