For many years I created paintings in oils and acrylics of mostly landscapes. Wild and remote scenes attracted me the most. So, I would often be off the beaten path painting on location. The never ending variety of texture, color and light was inspiring. It was both a challenge and a joy.

These days, I travel all over in my RV and seldom sit still long enough to make a serious effort. Now, I’m retired and only do art for the fun of it. Plus, storing unsold paintings is a problem in a small RV.

I’ve recently turned to trying digital art using my iPad Pro with mostly the Procreate app. The process is very different, so my success rate is low as I try to learn a new way of creating.

Here, I will share some of my traditional and digital paintings; which I will change occasionally. I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork.

Green Grass of Home
Kayak Colors
Colorado Pyramid
Fort George Palm
Primal Ormond
Rock Garden Cactus
Three Rocks
Letchworth Upper Falls

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