Winter 2019

Relaxing in New Mexico
Once again, I just relaxed and moved my camp often between Elephant Butte Lake and Caballo Lake.

Winter 2019 / January

New Mexico
During this time, I went to the Elephant Butte Dam to photograph the butte that gives the area its name. Also, travelled to Socorro and had lunch with an RV friend. Then, continued to Albuquerque for an eye exam. And of course, jumped around between camps.

Winter 2019 / February

Went to Arizona to visit an artist friend in Bisbee and saw the local Arts and Farmers Market, and toured Fort Huachuca. Attended Art Hop in T-or-C, discovered Ingo’s Art Café, and shuffled my feet at the Old Fiddlers Dance. Otherwise, just roamed between camps.

Winter 2019 / March

New Mexico
Moving from camp to camp, I also found a couple of new spots. Went down to see Fort Selden again, and saw a movie in Las Cruces at the historic Río Grande Theater.

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