Fall 2013

Heading to the Southwest
At the completion of the summer Family Tour, I began heading west. Down the Natchez Trace Parkway, across Louisiana and into Texas for a workshop on RVing. Then a waltz across Texas took me to the Amistad National Recreation Area, the Pecos River, Jersey Lilly Saloon, and the fabulous Big Bend National Park. Then onward into the Land of Enchantment to meet-up with RV friends for a Thanksgiving Dinner together.

2013-10 Oct1

Fall 2013 / October Part 1

2013-10 Oct2

Fall 2013 / October Part 2

2013-11 Nov1

Fall 2013 / November Part 1

2013-11 Nov2

Fall 2013 / November Part 2

2013-11 Nov3-Dec

Fall 2013 / November-December

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