Camera Kit

Photography for painting is intended to assist the creative process by capturing detail and transient lighting conditions. Such images are useful to the artist; but, will hold little meaning for viewers.

Like the painting gear, it needs to be light and portable while taking good quality shots under various lighting conditions and at distances from close-up to on the horizon. Accurate color rendering and clarity are also important. Since my focus is landscapes, low light ability is not critical. And, I want easy to use and computer compatibility.

iPhone 11 Pro Camera View

These days I just pull out my iPhone 13 Pro. The 12MP with Wide Angle is about like a standard 50mm lens. It also has an Ultra Wide Angle for wider views and and a Telephoto that does 3x optical zoom and 10x digital. There is also a Panoramic mode, a Macro mode for extreme closeups, and a Night mode that compensates for low light quite well. Adjustments to exposure, filters, focus, flash when needed, HDR, jpeg and RAW formats, etc are easily made.

The iPhone options seem to be enough for my current needs. Plus it’s much smaller and lighter, so easier to carry everywhere; and, images can be transferred wirelessly to my iPad. I’ve been using it exclusively, since December 2019 for my art needs, for my blog posts, and for personal use. So far it is working well.

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