Research & Decisions

When I was planning to take the plein air journey, I had several preferences for a rig. With limited funds, I could only afford to do this once; which meant a used unit. But, I also wanted one new enough to be in good shape and not need much fixing. Quality and safety were important to me too. Ease of driving and parking would be a plus, as I expected to be moving often.

Tardis at cousin Ruth's lot

Tardis in Georgia

It had to be large enough to be comfortable, yet small enough to fit in almost any camp. I wanted to go to remote spots where small would be an advantage. This led me to research boondocking, holding tank size, and the merits of solar panels to charge batteries. I learned about carry capacity early, so was looking for something that would hold my essential stuff, including my art gear.

RV in forest camp

Tardis in Tennessee

I considered a small travel trailer towed by a pick-up truck, like a Casita or an Arctic Fox. And, a Class B like a Roadtrek or Pleasureway, a B+ Chinook, and even converting a cargo van. But, I eventually settled on getting a short Class C, no longer than 24 feet. Once I decided what I wanted, it took me almost two years to find one that fit all my needs.

I found exactly what I wanted in a 2004 Lazy Daze Twin-King motorhome. Not only did it meet all my requirements, it also had those fantastic panoramic windows around the back. What more could a traveling artist ask?


Tardis gets a nameplate

Tardis Has Landed

Anyone that is a fan of the British sci-fi show Doctor Who, will understand the nickname I chose. Tardis is an acronym for ‘Time And Relative Dimension in Space’; a time travel device. Since my Lazy Daze RV transports me to many interesting places, at different times, the name is a perfect fit. I really like my rig, and so far it has met my needs admirably for the plein air journey.

Camped in a state park

Tardis in New Mexico

More Details About Tardis

Rather than make this a very long post, I’ve broken it into several with more detail on various aspects of my rig. Below are links with a brief intro to each. If you find something of interest, just select the title to read the post.

The Cab: Shows the driving compartment and how it is organized

The Galley: Describes the kitchen area

The Head: Shows the bathroom features

The LayoutOverview of interior and exterior and floor plan

The Loft: A look at the bedroom-sleeping area

The LoungeExplains the living area-dinette features

The Office: How I created office space

The Studio: Setups for painting on location or in the rig

Modifications to Tardis

Below are links to posts about modifications I’ve done to improve or personalize my motorhome. I like to customize and generally fiddle around with things.

AntennaAdding a cellular trucker’s antenna (see Antenna Update on performance)

Blackout Curtains: Replaced vinyl shades with blackout curtains

Bug Out: Things to keep the bugs out of the rig

Camping Gear: Items used while camping

Decorating Tardis: A new look for the interior

Fire Safety: Changed to foam fire extinguishers

GPS PlusUsing an iPad mini for GPS plus other apps

Heating and Cooling the RVFeatures and additions for climate control

Leak Prevention: Applying Eternabond tape to the roof

LED LightsChanging to LEDs for lighting

New Paint for TardisRepainting exterior from faded red to new teal color

OrganizerCustom made method to keep items handy in the cab

Solar InstallSolar power system and other electrical upgrades

Three Handy ModsAdding a pantry, a printer cabinet, and padding ladder rungs

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