In my younger days, I was eager to follow the path of a fine art painter. I painted every day and often worked late into the night in my art studio, competed for awards, hawked my wares at sidewalk art festivals, taught workshops, sold my paintings in galleries, and even owned an art gallery.

Pleinguy painting on site

Painting on Location

Now that I’ve retired, my goals have shifted to a more personal approach to my art. I’ve sold my house, car and most possessions, purchased a small motorhome, and outfitted it to fit my needs. My gear has been reduced to the bare essentials. And, I’ve switched from oils to acrylics which should be better adapted for the RV life.

I’m now traveling the country in search of interesting places. Plein air painting, that is creating on location in front of the subject, is my usual method. Digital painting is also expected. Painting whatever suits my fancy and seeking the joy of exploring varied expressions is my goal.

PS: When the internet came along, I built a website and joined in the discussions at various art forums. By this time, I was painting on location most of the time. I chose the moniker Pleinguy as my online alias and continue to use it since it descibes my persona fairly well. I’m just an ordinary guy that loves to paint en plein air.

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