Fall 2022

Return to Home Base Area
I returned somewhat earlier than usual to the area I spend autumn in southern New Mexico. Rain continued well past the normal monsoon season, and temperatures became cooler earlier.

Fall 2022 / October

New Mexico
I settled into familiar camps at BLM and state park spots. Did my annual doctor visits with the VA, and had a visit from an RVing friend. Continued posts about my summer trip.

Fall 2022 / November

Simply rotated between the usual camps in the state parks and a BLM boondock spot. The month was colder than normal. Also, more posts from my summer excursion were added.

Fall 2022 / December

Another visit to the VA about adjusting meds. Got a booster vaccine for COVID variants. More posts of my summer travels, and a friend came to visit. I avoided holiday events this season. Thus, another year roaming around was completed.

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