Summer 2020

High Country Camping
It was time to find cooler temperatures by going to the mountains in New Mexico. Normally, I would have started sooner; but, the situation was different this year.

Summer 2020 / July

New Mexico
My friend returned from a long business trip and relieved me of house and cat sitting duties. So, I headed out getting supplies, an oil change service for Tardis, mail, etc. Boondocked up in the Black Range and a BLM spot, then traveled further north.

Summer 2020 / July

On my way to higher camps, I stopped in San Antonio to visit a friend. Then headed up into the mountains. Boondocked in the Cibola NF at a couple of camps east of Pie Town, then in town at Jackson Park. Ate some pie of course. Over to the Quemado Lake area to boondock in the Gila NF, then back to Pie Town to a BLM boondock camp.

Summer 2020 / August

Then east of town again, by the Sawtooth Mountains, to boondock and hiked to Monument Rock. On my way back to the Black Range, I passed some Roadside Flowers. Found a new boondock spot in the Gila NF. Temperatures were a good 15 degrees cooler in the high country, so it was worth the trip.

Summer 2020 / September

Got service for the Tardis, resupplied, and boondocked around the T-or-C area. Then returned to the Black Range for more high country camping where I found a new campsite. Also, found another new boondock spot in the Cuchillo Mountains. And so ended my Summer.

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