Winter 2021

Slow and Cold Season
It seems time was moving slowly this Winter; and, it was colder than normal. Plus, there wasn’t much to do as many places were closed due to restrictions. Even the state parks were closed, except for limited day use.

Winter 2021 / January

New Mexico
I moved between boondocking camps around the area. Found a few new spots with different views that I liked. They’re mostly remote desert spots amongst creosote with mountains in the distance. Posted about Mountain Views and Textures in the Landscape. Walked around the areas new to me, and took a Hike to a Bomb Target site.

Winter 2021 / February

Continued to rotate between boondocking camps in the area. The only noteworthy event in February was Another Snow Day.

Winter 2021 / March

During March, annual blood work with the VA Clinic, and an Eye Exam for cataracts were done. Plus, I finally received my first COVID vaccine. A friend came to visit for a few days, and I visited a couple of friends at their camping spots. I posted about Sunsets Again, Lake Views in New Mexico State Parks, and about some of my Camping Gear. It began to warm up, yet Winter like weather persisted.

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