Winter 2018

Lazing About
Winter is a time for me to relax, consider the past year’s adventures, and plan for new travels beginning in the Springtime. Organizing some things in my personal life took longer than expected. But, I also got to visit an artist friend in Arizona. And, to see some new places while there.

Maps 2018.01.01

Winter 2018 / January – February

New Mexico
Spent most of my time camping between Elephant Butte Lake, Percha Dam and Caballo Lake State Parks; and, trying a few new camping spots at those. The 1st of February I moved down to Pancho Villa SP, on my way to visit a friend in Arizona.

Maps 2018.01.02

Winter 2018 / February

I stopped in Rodeo NM to have lunch at a small café. Then, headed into the Chiricahua Mountains to a camp in Cave Creek Canyon. After a couple of days there, I continued south on AZ-80 and stopped to see the Geronimo Surrender Monument. Then, on to Douglas where I checked out the historic Gadsden Hotel.

A free camp at Whitewater Draw put me within easy driving distance to visit my artist friend in Bisbee. Afterward, I went north in order to free camp at Indian Bread Rocks outside of Bowie. It was close to the ranger guided hike at Fort Bowie National Historic Site.

Maps 2018.01.03

Winter 2018 / February – March

New Mexico
I returned to my usual haunts around Caballo and Elephant Butte Lakes. Got the remainder of personal stuff done, and attended the Gathering of Quilts and Geronimo Wood Carvers exhibits. As Springtime approached, I began planning for some future explorations. Thinking about not going as far afield this season.

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