Windmills Yard

(Pie Town NM) Along the main highway and on the east side of town, you will see a yard full of old windmills. Some folks collect dolls or old cars; this guy amasses decommissioned wind mills. And, a fine collection it is. I can’t tell the models or the uses for certain ones. Generally, they […]

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Cleveland Roller Mill

(Cleveland NM) The Cleveland Roller Mill was built in the late 1800s, and operated until the early 1940s. In a three story, adobe building, with waterwheel power from the nearby Mora River, it served the Mora Valley wheat farmers for almost a century. It is open for visitors to see on weekends. This mill used […]

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Coyote Creek

(Guadalupita NM) Coyote Creek runs down the eastern slope of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and through Guadalupita Canyon, and I believe empties into the Mora River. On its way, a state park by the same name, takes advantage. It flows along side of NM-434, with a few rock cliffs and some cascades that happen […]

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