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Below the Dam

(Truth or Consequences NM)Below the Elephant Butte Dam is a small recreation area along the Río Grande that has hiking, picnicking, camping, tubing, and fishing. At one time, a fishery was there, but it is now abandoned. Below the Dam from Above A path by the water is mostly packed dirt and gravel with a […]

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Yard Decorations

(Las Cruces NM)While house sitting for a friend, I walked around the neighborhood where almost every yard had interesting decorations. They mostly had a nice balance of vegetation and ornaments. Yard Decorations In the southwest, stone and sand replace grass for the lawn. The scarcity of water makes this a good option. The plants used […]

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Along the Río Grande

(Williamsburg NM)As usual when I’m camped, I take walks around the area. This time it was along the Río Grande. There were beautiful views strolling next to the river. Along the Río Grande – Looking North The river was full, and the distant mountains provided a nice backdrop. It was somewhat difficult to get the […]

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