Summer 2021

Going to Higher Camps
The first week in July was spent completing my cataract eye surgery follow up. By then it had gotten hotter, so I headed for higher camps to find cooler temperatures. I hadn’t been to the Carson National Forest in northern New Mexico for three years. It’s a perfect area to find camps at various elevations. So, off I went…

Summer 2021 / July

New Mexico
At first, I planned to take my time and visit several places on the way. I couldn’t develop a satisfactory plan, so I just made a beeline to my chosen area. July was spent bouncing between Chama and Tres Piedras staying at camps I already knew about that ranged from 7,200 to 9,940ft. I started the month walking a Path by the Río Grande, and finished by appreciating the Views Near Some Camps in the high mountains.

Summer 2021 / August

August began with exploring previously untaken forest roads. Some new spots to boondock were discovered. However, most camping continued to be at familiar spots in state parks and boondocking in the forest. After years of avoiding it, I finally took the challenge for the Three Rocks Hike.

Summer 2021 / September

Rotating camps between national forest and the state park was continued in September. Also, went to see Wild Rivers Again for a couple of days. Temperatures began to cool earlier than expected, so I headed south. Camped at a couple of new spots; one by the lower Río Chama, and another by Santa Cruz Lake. While by the river, I checked out the Big Eddy. And, I stopped at the Apple Store to look at the new iPhone.

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