Spring 2018

Wandering Around
In the Springtime, I traveled around New Mexico along some well known roads and on some new ones. My goal was to gain elevation as it warmed up, and to see some new things.

Spring 2018 / April

New Mexico
Into the Gila Mountains over Emory Pass, I stopped to admire the Lower Gallinas Canyon. Then onward to check out Fort Bayard and the National Cemetery there. Further on was a favored boondocking spot near to the Mineral Creek Trail. And then, back to Caballo Lake for a bit.

Spring 2018 / May

Attended the annual Wild, Wild West Fiesta in Truth or Consequences before heading out again. Went up to Socorro, and through Pie Town, and Quemado. Saw the native Dittert Site ruins, El Malpaís Narrows, Rancho de Los Pilares, and landed at Bluewater Lake.

Spring 2018 / May – June

Went across the Navajo Nation intending to see a pueblo ruin that turned out to be closed. But, did get to see the native P’oshu’owingeh Ruins, then camped at El Rito Creek before continuing to Tres Piedras, then the Chama area and Heron Lake.

Spring 2018 / June

I hung around between Chama and Taos camping mostly at Heron Lake and in the Tusas Mountains of the Carson NF. Went exploring in the area, saw Placer Creek Falls, Jawbone Mountain, and did some hiking. It was a rewarding period.

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