Spring 2021

A See-Saw Season
The weather didn’t seem to know the season. It bounced from wintry cold to summer hot, and then back again. Except for the usual Springtime gusty winds, the temperatures and conditions were all over the place.

Spring 2021 / April

New Mexico
The usual boondocking camps were used. A Hike Up a Hill was needed to obtain a useful cell signal. I was getting itchy feet, so I began to roam about. I took a loop around the other side of the mountains, with stops at several Forest Service campgrounds along the way. Found some rock art at the trail to Apache Creek Petroglyphs. Got my second vaccine shot. Then the state parks began allowing drycamping again.

Spring 2021 / May

Temperatures began to warm up more than I found comfortable. So, after my cataract surgery, I headed to higher elevations. First camp was in Water Canyon where I hiked the Water Canyon Trail. Then on to a boondocking spot near Pie Town where I found conditions ideal. There I ventured out on the Slash Draw Hike.

Spring 2021 / June

Spent some time in Pie Town, and of course sampled the delicious pie. But, eventually had to return to the Elephant Butte Lake area for Cataract Surgery on my other eye, and for follow up exams. When it got too hot again, I headed up into the nearby Black Range mountains for some cool boondocking. There I took a leisurely Walk in the Forest. Waiting for another Eye Exam, I camped at the north end of the lake at a site with electric to run my air conditioner as temperatures hovered around 100 degrees. Thus ended this year’s Springtime.

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