Nine Mile Canyon Rock Art

(nr Wellington UT) Nine Mile Canyon is promoted as “the world’s longest art gallery” with numerous panels of rock art spread out along the byway. Nine Mile Canyon Rock Art Images were created by the Fremont culture and other natives, like Utes and Navajo spread over hundreds of years. Bighorn Sheep Horse Riders Owls, Sheep, […]

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Nine Mile Canyon Views

(nr Wellington UT) The Nine Mile Canyon National Backcountry Byway was actually 46 miles in length. I have wanted to see it for a long time. It is often promoted as the longest art gallery in the world, because of several petroglyph panels along the way. Nine Mile Canyon There will be a rock art […]

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Buried Forest

(nr Wellington UT) A friend told me about this BLM site. A photographer discovered the place in 1899, and thought it contained petrified tree stumps; hence the name. It sounded like an interesting place, so off I went to find it. Buried Forest – Trail Geologists have identified them as concretions, which are hardened mud-balls […]

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