Path by the Río Grande

(nr Arrey NM) On my daily walk, a path by the Río Grande beckoned me to stroll. It went through the woods parallel with the river. The trees, and the nearness to the water cooled me on a hot summer day. Path by the Río Grande Tall cottonwood trees provided ample shade. Thick grass cushioned […]

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Rainy Days

(nr Elephant Butte NM) About this time of year, rain begins to fall more frequently. Out here they call it the monsoon season. However, it is often little more than a few hours of drizzle. Regardless, any moisture is very welcome in the desert. Rainy Days – Clouds Over the Fra Cristóbal Mountains Recently, it […]

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Walk in the Forest

(nr Winston NM) Sometimes a walk in the forest is just a quiet stroll. No dramatic scenery like cliffs, huge boulders, waterfalls, or big wildlife. This was one such. Walk in the Forest- Meadow I did see a meadow, towering pines, an interesting tree growing sideways, a squirrel, some birds I couldn’t identify, and a few […]

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