Bug Out

(Jacksonville FL)
Keeping the bugs out of the RV is a never ending task. However, a few mods help to prevent  them from entering the rig in critical places. Prevention is half the battle.

The furnace exhaust is a favorite of wasps and mud daubers to build a nest. In fact, they will use the opening to go all the way inside the furnace to set-up their abode. When this happens it is a very messy and expensive fix. Adding a screen over each opening prevents them from entering.


Screens over furnace vents

Likewise, bugs can also enter behind the refrigerator and water heater In this case, I installed screening on the inside of the lids. There is also a vent on the roof covering the shaft behind the frig which also has a screen.

Open hatch to refrigerator back

Screening attached to inside of reefer vent door

On the roof are other vents too. The exhaust fans have gotten a super treatment. The grill you see allows air to flow, but it also contains a filter to keep out bugs and dust. An additional advantage with the hood is that the vents can remain open when traveling or when it is raining.

Hood over vent on roof of RV

Roof vent hood

These solutions mainly hinder flying insects. The creepy crawly type usually have to be dealt with when they appear. But, closing up any obvious openings goes a long way. I will need to inspect the underside of the rig to see if there are any entry points around pipes, etc. So, before hitting the road, I’m doing what I can to keep the bugs out.

For more posts that show other mods to the rig see the Tardis page.

Camp: At a friend’s place
Scene: Residential neighborhood

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