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Blackout Curtains

(Arrey NM)The standard shades for the windows in the lounge were getting old and dirty. Plus, the strings that held them up were broken, and they no longer would stay open without a prop. I was tired of them anyway; so it was time for a change. Blackout Curtains – Side Closed I decided to […]

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New Paint for Tardis

(Truth or Consequences NM)I finally gave up! The original red paint was just too oxidated to restore to acceptable condition. As the photo below shows, it was badly faded, and beyond saving. So, the decision was made to paint over the red. New Paint for Tardis – Old Faded Red I was sure that a […]

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Fire Safety

One improvement made to the RV was to upgrade the fire extinguisher. The typical dry-chemical type that came with the rig was old and of little use. So, it was replaced with several foam type positioned in strategic spots inside the RV. A large one replaced the standard unit by the entry door. Small ones […]

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