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Fire Safety

One improvement made to the RV was to upgrade the fire extinguisher. The typical dry-chemical type that came with the rig was old and of little use. So, it was replaced with several foam type positioned in strategic spots inside the RV. A large one replaced the standard unit by the entry door. Small ones […]

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LED Lights

In conjunction with the installation of solar panels, the incandescent bulbs in my rig were switched over to LEDs. The amount of power drawn is considerably less with the LEDs. And,  that should assist with conserving battery usage while boondocking. First, I replaced all the standard #1141 bulbs in ceiling lights, using 24 LED/360 lumens […]

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Solar Install

(Springfield OR) After much research and planning, I had a solar system and other electrical upgrades done by AM Solar, that specializes in RVs. After showing me everything and explaining how it works, we had a discussion about my usage and lifestyle. They concurred that the set-up I had previously discussed with them would be […]

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