The Lounge

This is one of several posts I’m doing to highlight how livable my RV rig Tardis is for such a small motorhome. I’m very pleased with the quality and thoughtful features designed into this 23.5 ft. Lazy Daze Twin-King model.

The lounge or living-dining space is at the rear and next to the galley. It has two couches which convert to two twin beds, or pull together to form a king size bed. Centered in the ceiling is a Fantastic Fan. It is reversible, and you can set the temperature and the fan speed so it automatically cycles to maintain the comfort level. I’ve added a hood over it, on the roof, so it can be used even when it rains.

Table and couches in RV

Lounge Area

A table sets between the couches. It can be folded up out of the way, and can also be made longer with a leaf extension. Large windows that wrap around three sides provide a panoramic view that delights the artist’s eye. There are three fluorescent light fixtures; one over the table, and one over each couch. A small shelf runs below the length of the rear window.

You can see a speaker in the corner. A pair of these are used with the computer and my iTunes music library. There are also speakers under the overhead cabinets and in the cab that work with the dash radio.

Dining table or desk top

Dinette and Desk

Since there is a couch on each side of the table, there is plenty of seating for visitors. And, I can easily work on one side, and break for dinner on the other. There’s even room to read a magazine while I eat. And, I always have that fantastic view no matter on which side I sit. Gotta love it!

Cabinets over each of the three windows provide lots of storage space. I purchased some see-thru plastic bins in various sizes that have snap-shut lids. These help me organize small items, and I can easily see what’s inside. The privacy blind is down on this window. I like to sit here against the comfy cushions to read.

Overhead cabinet in RV

Cabinet with door open

On the wall to the left is the thermostat for the furnace, a framed photo from my cousin, an indoor-outdoor thermometer that reads temps and humidity, and one of my paintings. On the ceiling is a smoke detector.

I spend most of my time in the lounge and find it has all I need for comfort and convenience. A cup of tea and snack are just a couple of steps away. I’m really happy with this arrangement.

For more posts that explain other aspects of the rig go to the Tardis page.

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